The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft has been going on for a long time. Windows 10 has made the two companies’ rivalry even more intense. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the key differences between a Mac and a PC.

Design Differences

Apple is known for its impeccable design. The company spends a lot of time working on the details of its products to create the best possible experience. Microsoft has released various products recently, such as the Surface Pro 4. The device is a sleek and modern tablet that can be used as a replacement for a laptop. In addition, the company also released the Surface Book, a gorgeous 13-inch laptop that’s twice as fast as the MacBook Pro. The screen can be removed to make the device an individual tablet.

Several companies, such as Dell and Asus, have used Microsoft’s design cues in their products. These manufacturers have begun releasing sleek and modern Windows 10 devices. 

Cost Differences

Apple’s products are typically more expensive than their Windows counterparts, even with certain specifications. Users of Windows are calling this the Apple tax. Even though the Surface Book and other high-end gaming devices are typically more expensive, Windows laptops start at around $500. Apple’s cheapest MacBook Air is the company’s lowest-cost model at $899. On the other hand, if you’re after a Windows 10 laptop, you can get one for as little as $150.

Compatibility for Gaming

The main reason why hardcore gamers prefer Windows is due to how customizable its computers are. Competitive gamers spend a lot of time and money on upgrades to keep up with the latest hardware. Unfortunately, upgrading a Mac is almost impossible unless you have a lot of money. Even if you can upgrade to newer hardware, the power of a Mac is still underpowered compared to Windows machines. Despite the increasing popularity of Mac computers, it still falls short when it comes to gaming. Windows machines have a more comprehensive selection of games than their competitors.

Customer Support Considerations

If you’re having issues with your Mac, you can contact Apple’s support center at its stores. The company usually provides free assistance if the problem can be resolved in just one session. Microsoft has a support center similar to an Apple Genius Bar. The company’s stores also have a variety of products and services. Unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn’t produce all of its products. This means it must send the devices back to their original manufacturer for repairs. There aren’t as many Microsoft stores as there are Apple stores.

Security Differences

A security firm noted that since fewer Mac computers exist than Windows machines, attackers have a more challenging time finding and attacking them. The company also warned that the number of viruses on Mac computers would keep rising. This is because there have been an increasing number of infections in recent years. In response, Apple released a new version of its operating system known as OS X El Capitan. It included various security features and encryption methods. A report claimed that Mac’s operating system is built on a Unix-based framework, so it’s more secure than Windows.