About Accretive Technology Group

Welcome to the blog site for Accretive Technology Group! Accretive Technology Group (ATG) is a privately held, fast-paced web company that has been operating for more than 20 years to build industry-leading websites and serve millions of customers every day. With a team of skilled individuals who are equipped to problem-solve both short and long term, ATG has spent the past two decades earning recognition as an industry leader when it comes to building web-based video and streaming systems. 

Based out of Seattle, Washington, the Accretive Technology Group high-speed global network operates strategic points of presence in Miami, New York, Seattle, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Additionally, ATG has created strategic partnerships and interconnections with low latency in North America, South America, and regions throughout Europe. Each of ATG’s points of presence is optimized for low latency streaming, equipped with multiple bonded 10 and 100-gigabit connections to the internet and private connectivity to backhaul traffic and avoid peering congestion. 

At Accretive Technology Group, “Technology First” is more than just a tagline – it’s the group’s entire driving philosophy. Each member of the team works hard developing internet technologies in a process that is iterative, creative, and lightweight using Flash, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and Perl. Additionally, the team at ATG has created a complex system to run the more-than-thousand sites it hosts while also ensuring a positive user experience. As self-described “computer agnostics,” the team is here to help create the best site for you, no matter what OS you choose, be it MAC, Linux, or PC. Accretive Technology Group’s network incorporates machine learning and automation in order to collect proprietary analytics and analyze flows.

As an employer, Accretive Technology Group offers team members a competitive salary, 100% employer-paid insurance covering medical, vision, and dental, a 401K with a 50% match, and dozens of perks in-office for employees. At ATG, team members work in a casual environment, but they are all serious about the work that they do. 

The fun-loving ATG team is composed of talented designers, dedicated developers, and knowledgeable network engineers who are dedicated to fulfilling each client’s needs while also enjoying the work. Using their refined and highly honed skills, the team at Accretive Technology Group works hard to redefine what is possible. 

For more insights on technology from the team at Accretive Technology Group, be sure to visit the ATG blog page and check back soon for the latest updates!

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