In this age that is so full of technology and security issues, it is very important for people to practice good cybersecurity habits. Just because there are people who specialize in cybersecurity doesn’t mean everyone can’t also do things to ensure that their identity and other personal data is secure while they’re online. A really great way for people to add an extra layer of security is to use two-factor authentication so that it will be harder for hackers to get through even if they figure out your password. Another great way is to never click on links that seem suspicious in any way and remembering that whatever you post on online will always be online.

People should also be sure to keep their software up to date so that there is less chance of a cyberattack from a virus. Passwords are a huge part of cybersecurity with tons of safety tips including creating strong passwords, using different passwords for everything, keeping a password manager, being sure to log out when you’re done on any site, never selecting for a website to “remember your password”, and using a fingerprint ID. Fingerprint ID is such a great way to give some extra security to your phone because if it is ever stolen, the only way for the thief to unlock your phone will be if they kidnap you as well which is not likely since it is a federal crime.

People should also be sure to never add their location to their pictures on social media and always block any pop-ups that appear on your electronic device. The Wi-Fi provides an easy way for hackers to get through and changing the name of one’s router offers a way to stay more secure at home. Another great tip is to get rid of any devices that are old because they’re less secure and while you’re at it, you can make sure you don’t have too many smart devices in your home for less chances of a security breach. These tips may seem like a big inconvenience, but they are very convenient when you think about the trouble that can come from being hacked.