One of the most critical skills in today’s digital world is coding. This is used in various professional fields, such as web development and mobile apps. Because of this, businesses can thrive on the development of functional and interactive websites. Besides learning the basics of coding, it’s also important to keep up with the latest versions of the software. This will allow you to excel in your job and improve your marketability.

To help people find the right coding language for their next project, we’ve created a list of promising new languages in 2022. They offer a wide variety of features and applications, and they can even be beneficial for people who are new to coding or have those who have previous knowledge.

Elixir v1.12

In 2011, the development of the Elixir programming language started. It has since evolved and, despite its young age, it is a valuable skill for coders of all levels. The language known as Elixir is used to build scalable and maintainable applications in various industries, such as web development and data analysis. It’s additionally used to run low-latency and fault-tolerant systems. In terms of popularity, it’s been ranked as the most-loved language by developers at Stack Overflow.

Python 3

Since its inception in 1991, the popular coding language Python has become one of the most sought-after languages among web developers. According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2021, it is regarded as the most-desired language for web developers. This is due to its versatile capabilities and ease of use in various applications, such as scientific and numeric computing. The latest version of Python, known as Python 3.9, introduces a variety of new features. Some of these include flexible function and variable annotations, relaxed grammar restrictions, and new string methods to remove prefixes and suffixes. It also eliminates several outdated and unnecessary functions to improve security and keep the language up-to-date with the latest technology.


The value of PureScript is that it can compile source code into JavaScript, the most widely used coding language for web developers. This makes it a useful addition to any developer’s toolkit. PureScript is a powerful language for developing web applications and other digital entities. It has an extensive collection of libraries that can be used to develop various applications. Its editorial support and high-level tooling allow developers to create and manage applications that are easy to use.


Since its release in 2011, Kotlin has become one of the most popular modern coding languages. It offers a variety of features and functions designed to make it an ideal tool for coders of all levels. Its active learning community and multiplatform support make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their skills. According to Stack Overflow, in 2021, Kotlin was one of the most sought-after languages for web developers. In 2020, it was also ranked as one of the most popular languages for developers by the website HackerRank. In August 2021, Kotlin 1.5.3 was released, maintaining the language’s strengths while introducing new features, such as support for Apple Silicon targets.

There are various paths to learning new languages, and your choice will likely depend on your goals and learning needs. In addition to choosing the right language, you also need to consider other factors, such as your professional goals and your level of education regarding coding.