Google search is used by millions of people every day for different reasons. Some people use it for entertainment, some for business, and some for school. But, most people do not use it to its full potential. If you want to learn more about how to use Google effectively, consider the following tips.

Make Use Of The Tabs
One of the first things that people should do when using Google is to use the various tabs on the top. These are usually labeled as Web, News, Image, and More. They can help you define what type of search you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re looking for a news article, the News tab is for you.

Although it’s basic, most people already use these tabs. They can help cut down on search times if they’re used properly.

Use Hyphens To Exclude Words
Sometimes, a word or phrase that you’re searching for may have an ambiguous meaning. For instance, when you type in “mustang” in Google, you might get results for both “mustang” and “horse.” To exclude the words, use the hyphen. This will tell Google to get rid of results that you do want to see.

Perform An Advanced Search
If you’re not interested in learning all the necessary modifiers, you can perform an advanced search on Google. Go to the results page and click the gear icon.

With this feature, you can enter specific terms or phrases instead of relying on specific modifiers. The results can be narrowed down further by the various factors that affect search, such as language, region, domain, last update, image type, and explicit content.

You can also filter your image search by using the sliders at the top of the page. This feature allows you to filter results by the most recent, high-quality, and copyrighted images.

Use Time Restraints
Looking for the latest news about a certain topic or time period? With the help of Google’s search tools, you can filter the results that you see when you search. On mobile, go to the bottom of the list and select Search tools.

You can also narrow the results down to the past 24 hours, a week, a month, or a year by opening a drop-down menu. Desktop users can select specific dates or enter custom ranges.

Do A Reverse Image Search
On most browsers, Google supports backward image searches. This feature allows users to upload an image and get information about it. For instance, it will recognize an image of the Eiffel Tower and provide you with information about it.

Drag and drop an image into Google Images search bar. You can then click the camera icon to add an image or enter its URL.