Eventually, the computers that your business uses will become outdated and operate less efficiently. You can usually tell that this time has come if the computers operate slower or freeze up from time to time. When you start to see these signs, you should expect to replace your computers in the near future. Even so, choosing the right time of year can help you save money on your hardware purchases.

Black Friday

Even though this annual event is an obvious marketing ploy, it’s considered to be the best day to replace expensive home and office equipment. When it comes to buying new office computers, you can find significant discounts at department stores, electronics stores, and online retailers. If you plan to use Black Friday to replace your business’ computers, try planning on doing your shopping on Thursday. Often, consumers grab the best deals just after finishing Thanksgiving dinner.

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

Aside from Black Friday, you can also save big by shopping for new hardware on Small Business Saturday (November 27) and Cyber Monday (November 29). Small Business Saturday is designed to help local businesses compete with the major national retailers in your community. Stop by local electronics stores to see what they have to offer before hitting up larger department stores. You can also find great online deals on Cyber Monday. In many cases, you’ll get bigger discounts by shopping online than those you would find in shopping in-store for your new computers.

Smaller Holidays

If it’s later in the year when you decide to buy new office computers, you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to roll around. Instead, watch for the three-day weekends that occur throughout the year, such as President’s Day and Memorial Day. While the savings may not be quite as big as they are on Black Friday, you’ll still be able to find great deals for new computers on any three-day holiday weekend.

If your office computers fail without warning or are subject to malware, you can still save money on emergency replacements. Try looking for refurbished computers that are protected with limited warranties. This can help you replace your business computers temporarily until you can finance computers of a higher quality.