The world of technology constantly changes. It can be difficult to stay up-to-date with all of the emerging trends. Anyone can learn to use technology with the right dedicated resources. These are some of the best ways and resources for beginners to learn about technology.

Defining Learning Goals

Technology is a broad term encompassing many of the advances that make life easier. Before someone embarks on a journey to advance their technological skills, they need to define what they want to learn. Perhaps they want to understand the software they use at work, such as email, customer relationship management software, or spreadsheet software. Maybe they want to learn more about using apps, smart TVs, tablets, or laptops. Whether it means learning about virtual reality or software systems, beginners should choose a goal to work toward or risk getting overwhelmed by information.

Finding Online Tutorials

Lots of information exists for free online through tutorials and classes. Beginners can start with tutorials and guides from the company that produces a specific item or system if the goal is to learn about one specific piece of technology. If that information is too technical, there are other tutorials online. Techboomers has information on cybersecurity, data protection, how to use social media, tutorials for specific apps, and introductory articles on a range of subjects. GCF teaches beginners a range of technological skills, including those useful in the workplace like Excel and Access. DigitalLearn provides tutorials on understanding computers and completing tasks on the internet.

Using Internet Forums

Forums provide answers to specific technical questions. Beginners can read previous posts of others or post a question to troubleshoot a problem. Forums can interact with other learners and professionals for free. Stack Exchange has questions and answers on topics ranging from basic tech to programming. TechSpot Forums is the place to learn and troubleshoot PC issues. Tech Support Guy is a forum for beginner to advanced issues.

Technology can overwhelm beginners, but many resources exist to help. Beginners should make sure to choose resources that fit their goals and make sense to them.